Elderly Delhi Woman Returns Home in 'Trusted' Cab of Uber Driver Who Helped Save Her Life

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In some positive news amid these gloomy times, an elderly woman in Delhi returned home beating the COVID-19 virus after battling it for 26 days. Making this news special is the fact that she returned home in the same cab that literally ‘saved’ her life when she was struggling to find an ambulance to get to hospital. Uber driver Udit Agarwal not only took them to the hospital but also went out of his way to find a bed and arrange oxygen when it was required. So, who else they would trust when it was time to bring the woman back home after recovering from coronavirus infection?

Sharing the news of her mother’s return, journalist Rituparna Chaterjee (@masalabai) tweeted pictures of Udit and her mother.

Earlier, Rituparna shared a tweet thread detailing her struggles to find an ambulance and thanking Udit for his help. Narrating the incident, Rituparna wrote that she was struggling to find an ambulance, so she decided to call a cab to take her mother to a COVID-facility center that was nearly 40 km away from her house. However, the first 4 cab drivers she booked declined to go after learning that her mother was COVID-19 positive before Udit arrived.

Not only did he take them to their destination, Udit even helped them with getting everything managed and dropped Rituparna back home safely late in the night. Next day, when Rituparna's mother was supposed to be shifted to LNJP hospital from the facility center, he again came to help them.

Udit was even reluctant to take the money when offered and said that he is being given ‘too much’ for the humanitarian work. In her tweet thread, Rituparna also shared a screenshot of her Whatsapp chat with Udit where he was seen checking on her mother's health and giving hope in the tough time.

The tweet thread soon got viral, and people lauded Udit for his kindness and help.

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