Ekta Kapoor shuts down false news related to Sridevi’s death

Anusha Iyengar
Sridevi passes away

The entire industry and fans are mourning Sridevi’s untimely death due to cardiac arrest in Dubai. The actress was there to attend a family wedding and news of her death caught everyone by surprise. But not everyone is just mourning the actress’ sudden demise. A lot of them are shocked that she died at such an early age and are blaming pills that she had been taking due to a recent alleged surgery. Fans are claiming that the pills are what caused the actress a cardiac arrest. Ekta Kapoor shut all of them down by asking people to stop speculating.

She tweeted, “Evil ones pls realise one percent (as fwded as my doc told me) of the population can have an cardiac arrest without any heart condition or any kind of surgery! It’s destiny not how evil rumour mongers portray!!!” [sic] We totally agree with the producer on this. It’s a very difficult time for the family and speculations like these are just going to make things difficult for them. It’s one of the darkest, saddest days in the industry today and Sridevi is going to be missed a lot. A lot of us are still trying to digest the fact that she is no more. (ALSO READ: Sridevi no more: Sonakshi Sinha, Shweta Tiwari pay a tribute to the Hawa Hawai actress – watch videos)

The actress was very health conscious and fit even five days before the wedding. We’re still not sure how she succumbed to a cardiac arrest so suddenly. She will be missed a lot and is one of the finest actors in the history of Indian cinema.