Eight-Year-Old Girl Found Living With Monkeys in UP’s Bairach

The girl had marks on her skin, which indicated that she had been living with animals for some time.

Young children often imitate sounds and behaviours of various animals for their own amusement, but it is almost unheard of to find one actually living amongst them. In the city of Bairach, we find one such incident.

According to ANI, an eight-year-old girl was found in the Katarniaghat forests in Bairach two months ago, exhibiting mannerisms and behaviours similar to the wild monkeys she was found living with.

The girl was rescued from a troop of monkeys by Sub-Inspector Suresh Yadav, who was a patrol of the Motipur range of the Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, according to a report by The Times of India.

Chief Medical Officer, DK Singh told ANI that upon arriving at a district hospital, her movements and eating patterns were like that of any animal.

He said:

She would eat food without using her hand. She would often drop it on the floor and eat it.

The marks on her skin indicated that she had been living amongst animals for some time. Despite improving slowly, Singh is confident that she will recover soon.

Singh added:

“We have asked that she be placed in the juvenile court, from where she can get some future direction and be re-integrated into the society.”

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