Ehsan Mohammadi talks about the ignorance of branding and marketing that has failed the worlds best Persian carpet making nation

Brand Voice
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He strongly opposes the misuse of Iranian handicrafts and briefs about the challenges faced to enter the global market of handicrafts.

Ehsan Mohammadi, an entrepreneur and a Iranian handicraft designer has taken a crucial step in the field of innovation and economic condition, that in turn has presented the latest handicraft designs of the modern culture. He has also beautifully defined the needs of the 21st Century.

Mohammadi says, “Ignorance of branding and marketing for Iranian handicrafts has caused the failure of one of the best quality handicrafts in the world today”. He has also raised his voice against the fake carpets that are being sold and has almost flooded the international markets, which claim to be the original Iranian handcrafted carpets.

Having spent years in this field, Mohammadi is a knowledgeable person in the field of Iranian arts and handicraft industry. He always felt the industry lacked creativity and that was disadvantageous for the country. He felt his country products are not at par with international standards, which are more trendy and in-demand.

He noticed that some international players were copying the designs and the ideas of genuine Persian carpets and were selling that in the market. According to Mohammadi, “The major reason why other countries are selling local made carpets or those imported from Iran under their own name is that Iran does not brand its products with any kind of name or logo which is easily misused by others directly affecting the economics of the country.” He has raised his voice against the issue that craftsmen who are involved in making carpets are not given their dues. According to Mohammadi, there are some betrayals in the country who have made alliance with Chinese traders. These people are mainly carpet exporters, who copy the original Persian carpets and sell them in the international markets.

Mohammadi concludes by saying, “Many nations have tried copying their products, but have failed miserably. The art of making handmade crafts has been in the Iranian culture since ages and none can match the finesse and detailing created by an Iranian craftsman”.

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