Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood rejects 'anti-Islam' UN charter on women


Cairo, Mar 18 (ANI): Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has criticised a report by the United Nations that aims to end violence against women and girls.

The Brotherhood, the movement from which Egypt's President Mohammad Mursi hails, said that the charter violates principles of Islamic law.

The Islamic group sent a 10-point critique of a document being drafted at a meeting of the UN Commission on the Status of Women in New York.

Among those points the Brotherhood said it opposed were resolutions to ensure women's rights to complain of marital rape; promote equal inheritance rights and equal rights between men and women within the family; and allow Muslim women to marry non-Muslims.

It also criticised recommendations to abolish the need for male permission for travel, work or use contraception, according to the statement, Gulf News reports.

The Brotherhood also criticised what it said were UN recommendations to give a woman the right to choose the gender of her partner, raise the marriage age and legalise abortion.

According to a senior UN diplomat, Russia, Iran, and the Holy See, seat of the newly elected Pope Francis, have also opposed the document. (ANI)