Egypt: Engineer Kills 25-Year Old Pregnant Wife Over Her 'Intimate' Relationship With Lover

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Cairo, June 9: In a shocking incident, an engineer allegedly stabbed his pregnant wife to death in Egypt’s Damietta Governorate. The Egyptian engineer killed his wife over her alleged intimate relationship with a lover. After committing the crime, the accused wrote a Facebook post that he killed his wife. He then voluntarily surrendered before the local police. Honour Killing in Uttar Pradesh: 16-year-Old Girl Strangled, Mutilated by Father And Brother in Shahjahanpur.

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According to Gulf News, when the man found her talking to someone on the phone, she confessed to him that she was pregnant with her lover’s baby. The accused also reportedly found videos and images of his wife with her lover. “ I could not control myself, grabbed a knife and stabbed her to death, to avenge my honour,” reported the media house quoting the accused as saying. Honour Killing in Uttar Pradesh: Women Burnt Alive by Her Family Members Over Inter-Faith Love Affair.

The man also told police that he had found which proved her illegitimate relationship with her lover. According to the report, in one of the messages, the woman had promised her lover that she would visit him in his apartment on the day of the crime. She told her lover that she was pregnant with his baby and had put sedative tablets in her husband’s food, the accused claimed. The engineer said that he is ready to receive punishment for his crime. The police have started an investigation into the case.

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