Egypt: 2,000-Year-Old Mummy With a Golden Tongue Unearthed in Alexandria

Team Latestly
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Cairo, February 3: A group of archaeologists carrying out evacuation projects at Taposiris Magna temple in Alexandria have unearthed a mummy whose tongue is made up on gold. The experts believe that the mummy can be as old as 2,000 years or even more. Researchers are yet to ascertain the reason as to why the precious metal was used in making tongue. Mummy, Believed to be 2,400-Year-Old, Taken Out From Its Box in Jaipur For The First Time in 130 Years, Here’s Why.

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During the digging process, the team found as many as 16 mummies all over two centuries old. One of them reportedly had a plaster encasing around her head and most of her body which showed a crown, horns and a cobra snake. Two more mummies that have been dug out have scrolls buried with them, containing symbols which when deciphered can provide substantial information. Archaeologists Find 59 Ancient Mummy Coffins at Burial Wells in Egypt’s Saqqara, First Opened on Camera (Watch Viral Video).

As per certain Egyptian legends, ancient people use to gave some of their dead new golden tongues after chopping off the so they could speak before the Lord Osiris, the Egyptian god of dead afterlife. However, the researchers have not deciphered the actual reason behind it.

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