Are eggs good for you? Results of recent JAMA study will make you think twice!

Swapna Raghu Sanand
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From breakfast options that include cheese omelets to masala omelets to stuffed omelets and scrambled eggs of various kinds, eggs have always been a favorite breakfast option across the world. Indian cuisine too has many interesting variations of how an egg is cooked to stretch beyond the usual formats. For instance, Parsi cuisine is known for the diverse ways in which eggs are cooked to suit every palate on a daily basis – from simple comfort food style to the more exotic versions that are spiced up to suit a more sophisticated palate.

Another example is Kerala cuisine, which celebrates the consumption of egg with different styles of cooking on a daily basis. For instance, Kerala style ‘Mutta roast’ or Egg roast is a hugely popular dish that can be had with rice, appams, chapatis, and Malabar Parottas. If nothing else, it goes perfectly with bread toast!

However, scientists continue to debate and discuss whether eggs are good for daily consumption. Different research studies make different claims regarding the same.

Recently, JAMA’s study has linked dietary cholesterol in eggs to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. For each additional half of one egg that is consumed on a daily basis, the study found that the risk of cardiovascular diseases was higher by 6%. It has also been indicated that higher dietary cholesterol intake is more strongly linked with the risk of stroke than heart disease. Simply put, their finding put the debate back on the spotlight whether the consumption of eggs can put your heart at higher risk.

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It must also be noted that the JAMA study’s findings can be interpreted in the context of other previous studies. These studies had shown that egg intake – low to moderate – is not linked with a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases in people who are generally known to be healthy.

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Worldwide, nutritionists have endorsed the benefits of eggs, citing that one large egg contains a lot of nutrition in a small calorific package. Besides, it is a good source of high-quality protein, which the human body requires. For those who feel doubtful about the benefits of eggs, switching to other options makes sense. Health-friendly options include a bowl of plain oats with nuts and fruits, plain yogurt, fresh fruits and smoothies and an assortment of nuts, which may provide a more wholesome healthy meal on a daily basis.