An Egg McMuffin in the Moonlight: McDonald's Starts Serving Breakfast After Midnight

Got a late-night craving for hash browns and a McGriddle sandwich? McDonald's now has you covered, reports Biz Journals.

You won't likely hear the same words of wisdom from physicians or nutritionists, but McDonald's advises that when the moon is full, you should be, too. That's the slogan for its new breakfast-after-midnight program. (No word on how much you should be eating when the moon is waning.)

Capitlizing on the breakfast menu's success--which Biz Journals says accounts for roughly a quarter of total sales--Mickey D's is serving Egg McMuffins, breakfast burritos, oatmeals, hash browns, and other early-morning foods in the wee hours of the morning. 

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Other companies have pursued the breakfast route, including Wendy's, Taco Bell, and Subway, so it's little surprise that McDonald's would take the early morning meals a step further and offer them at bar-closing hour. The company recently experienced its first drop in sales in 9 years, and some analysts suspect that competitors' revamped menus and marketing plans could be partly responsible.

Playing off other foodie monikors that have gained popularity lately, McDonald's is pushing the term "nocturnivore" to sell its late-night eats. It's also targeting pedicabs and video game venues to appeal to a younger crowd.

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