Efforts to create largest database on Siddha treatment focusing on COVID-19 begins

Chennai, Jul 1 (PTI) Two premier Siddha institutes are involved in creating the largest-ever database on the use of the traditional medicine's practices and measures among the population, and impact on the prevention of COVID-19 both in India and abroad, through the Ayush Sanjivani mobile app.

The Central Council for Research in Siddha (CCRS) and the National Institute of Siddha (NIS), have taken up the job and this repository will not only aid future research but also re-establish the validity of the Siddha system of medicine.

The study, through the app, is a part of the research being carried out by a Central task force, which includes researchers from the Ministry of Ayush, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

'The aim is to enlist the support of one billion users for the Ayush Sanjivani mobile app. Efforts to involve Siddha practitioners, research scholars, students, patients and their relatives are on,' Dr K Kanakavalli, Director General, CCRS, Chennai, told PTI.

The app, which would record the experiences of the practitioners and patients, would create an evidence-based study on Siddha as prophylactic, intervention and immunity booster, she said.

It would also record the experiences of the quarantined people who were treated with Siddha system of medicines.

In the case of general public, the government will undertake a survey to ascertain if they have followed the advisory issued in March by the Ayush ministry on using home remedies to boost immunity against coronavirus.

According to Dr R S Ramaswamy, former Director General, CCRS and Director, RVS Siddha Medical college, Coimbatore, certain yoga asanas and pranayama help to enhance one's immunity levels.

'These too should be documented through the app,' he said.

'The Ayush ministry's Ayush Sanjivani Mobile App is a good initiative. In the past, Siddha doctors demonstrated the efficacy of the medicines in treating dengue and chikungunya cases.

The Coronavirus crisis is an occasion for the doctors to prove that our system of medicine can successfully treat COVID-19 patients,' said Dr R Meenakumari Director, NIS, Chennai.

Even families, which had benefited could also download the app and share their experiences, she added. PTI JSP SA APR ROH ROH