Effective ways to spruce up your homes with natural light

Meera Venugopal
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Effective ways to spruce up your homes with natural light
Effective ways to spruce up your homes with natural light

25 Apr 2021: Effective ways to spruce up your homes with natural light

Dull lighting in our houses can impart a gloomy vibe to the living spaces.

Studies show that natural light has a positive impact on our behavior and mind.

If your home has low natural lighting and you want to rely less on your LEDs, here are a few easy tips to increase the inside lighting of your home and make it appear brighter.

Wall paint: Light wall paint reflects natural light into your room

Wall paints reflect the natural light into our rooms.

Light shades like white make the rooms appear brighter, while dark colors reflect lesser light, making the rooms appear darker.

Remove dark wallpapers or dark colored wall paint and substitute them with white, light pink, light blue, or any other shade of nude.

Painting the ceiling white is another way to reflect natural light.

Glass tiles: Use glass tiles in your kitchen and bathroom spaces

Glass tiles act like mirrors and reflect close to 100 percent of the light that hits them.

Color coordinate the walls, cabinets and flooring to make the kitchen spaces look brighter.

Similarly, opting for shiny tiles on the walls as well as the floor will make the bathroom appear more spacious and well-lit, because of the light reflection effect they create.

Blinds: Create an illusion, replace dark curtains with light colored ones

Dark-colored curtains can give your homes a classic touch, but in reality, they are light blockers.

Replace heavy and dark curtains with white-colored ones.

The white curtains do not just reflect the light, but also create an illusion of windows being larger in size.

Hang the curtains a little higher than the top of your windows, so that they appear taller.

Skylights: Install skylights on ceilings, let direct sunlight seep through

What better way to let in natural light than to install a window that directly faces the sun and skylights are exactly that.

Skylights act like windows on the ceilings letting direct sunlight seep through, making them more effective than the traditional windows.

These installations also help with cross ventilation in the homes and is a natural way to cool the living spaces.