Effective ways to keep snakes off your homes and yards

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Effective ways to keep snakes off your homes and yards
Effective ways to keep snakes off your homes and yards

11 Jul 2021: Effective ways to keep snakes off your homes and yards

Snakes create fear among most people (whether they are poisonous or not) and it can be a frightening experience to come in contact with one. Most of us tend to panic and are unaware of what to do with snakes if they make their way into our homes. In this article, we outline some measures to keep snakes out of our homes and yards.

Yard: Preventive measures to keep snakes out of your yard

Debris and rock piles are the favorite hiding places for snakes, and keeping your yard clear of such stuff is the first step to keeping snakes away. Frequently mowing your lawn also takes away the hiding place of snakes. In addition, it is also important to keep any firewood storage area away from your homes as snakes tend to hide in the small crevices.

Home: Take measures to eliminate rodents that are snake food

Seal cracks (if any) on walkways, around concrete porches, and the foundation. Take preventive measures to eliminate pests, like rodents, that are snake food. Install a fence with a rigid mesh and bury it at least four inches below the soil's surface. Also, make sure the screens on your windows and doors are properly installed. Opt for galvanized screenings to cover vents and drains.

Eliminating measures: These measures help if the snake has already taken residence

If any snake is already residing in your home or yard, these steps will help get rid of them: 1) Sprinkling essential oils like cinnamon and clove oils will deter snakes due to their smell. 2) Spraying vinegar is another useful home remedy to keep snakes at bay. 3) You can use non-lethal traps to catch snakes and release them into a new location.

Animal control: If you are too scared, call animal control

Despite these measures, if you still find one slithering around your premises occasionally, don't fret! If you're sure the snake is harmless, grab some gloves or a snake hook or tongs to pick the snake, and relocate it to its natural habitat. You may alternatively call animal control if the thought of picking snakes is as dreadful to you as it is to me.

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