Educational expo held in Tokyo amid Covid-19

Tokyo (Japan), May 28 (ANI): This toy robot moves around according to the order plates, while this one runs on the set track. These scenes were witnessed at an educational expo in Tokyo. A concept of, “GIGA (global and innovation gateway for all) School” is a new one in Japan which plans to provide a personal computer to each student and a high speed network environment for students. The objective of this concept is tailor education according to the needs and interest of every child. This is an electronic blackboard where the manufacturers are performing calculations. The teacher can display the normal calculation method and the previously prepared calculation formula, and compare the differences between two calculation formulas. The impact of Coronavirus is changing the style and methods of education in Japan. Video classes and visual teachers are gaining popularity. This smart phone application is for better connectivity. With the help of this application students can talk virtually and plan an event. Education in Japan is changing due to technological advancements and is improving the quality of education with each passing day.

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