Edamon-Kochi powerline inaugurated

Thiruvananthapuram, Nov 18 (PTI) Kerala Chief MinisterPinarayi Vijayan on Monday formally inaugurated the 148km longEdamon-Kochi power highway which will increase the statespower import capability by 800 MW.

'With the completion of the Edamon-Kochi power highway,power can be transmitted to Kerala from any part of Indiathrough the 400 KV network,' Vijayan said while inauguratingthe power line at Adoor, about 90 km from here.

Vijayan said his government after taking charge in 2016completed 93 per cent work of this project which had begun in2005.

He said the highway was completed after convincing thepeople about the project's importance.

'The Edaman-Kochi Power Highway project has beencompleted by providing adequate compensation to those who losttheir land. The government was also able to convince those whoinitially opposed the project.

This government completed 351 towers of the 447towers, he said.

The earlier towers were completed during the previousCongress-led UDF government.

Out of the total 148 km line, this governmentcompleted 138 km within just over three years, Vijayan said.

Vijayan said the government will not be able to dropany project just because a group of people opposed it.

'Such projects are important. We won't be able todrop the project because a few people objects.They willunderstand the importance of such projects in the future,' hesaid.

The total project cost, including construction andcompensation expenses, comes around Rs 1,300 crore and wascompleted on September 14.

The Electricity Board activated the line on September25.

The Edamon-Kochi line passes through Kollam,Pathanamthitta, Kottayam and Ernakulam.

The new line reduces power import via inter-stateUdumalpet-Palakkad and MysoreArikode lines.

Kerala imports around 3000 MW from the Central poolto meet its daily power requirements.PTI RRTBN BN