Ed Sheeran's Shape of You performed to salsa, hip hop and bhangra, which one's your fav?

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Topping all musical charts ever since its release, Ed Sheeran's Shape of You has got everyone grooving. You can hear it play on the radio, in the clubs and damn, you can see Ed Sheeran himself performing different versions of the song.

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But the amazing song has let loose a series of dance videos that are grabbing as much attention as his song. While YouTube is filled with dance choreography shot on the song, three videos have gone viral on the internet.

The first version is choreographed by the amazing Philippians talent, John Philip Bughaw, better known as Balang. Within 24 hours of the eight-year-old boy's video being posted on Facebook, the video was watched over eight million times. Balang, who hails from Bacoor near Metro Manila, has already debuted on Ellen DeGeneres Show after an earlier video went viral.

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The second version features dance wizard Kyle Hanagami and it is breathtaking, literally. It is so good that you will want to move your furniture in the living room and learn the moves of the video.

The hip hop choreography will make you go wow! The video features four different dance groups showcasing different dance moves. The video features Haley Fitzgerald, Stephanie Mincone, Emma Hauser, Evan DeBenedetto, Adam Vesperman, Michael Dameski, Ryan Vettel, Emma Hauser and Idaliz Cristian. Bet you cannot stop watching it just once!

The third video will surprise you the most. Ever imagined a Punjabi style bhangra on a pop, dancehall and tropical house mix? Well, it has now happened for real. Remixing it with the traditional bhangra beats, two Canadian residents have performed an incredible and enthusiastic bhangra number on the hit song. The performance by the men in turban, who are dressed in all black, dancing against a snow-carpeted background will leave you searching for a full version of the Indian remix.

Found any dance performance on the song interesting, funny or amazing? Let us know in the comments below. Haven't heard Ed Sheeran's Shape of You yet? Check it out here:

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