Economic activity gains momentum in Mizoram's Kolasib District


Kolasib, Feb 15 (ANI): Mizoram's Kolasib District is in the process of transforming itself into a centre for economic activity through the support of government schemes. tuated about 150 km north of Aizawl, Kolasib was once a safe haven for militants. day, it is witnessing rapid development as trade, and commerce activities have picked up in the region. Busy roads and bustling markets clearly reflect this fact. "I earn Rs 25,000 a month and my business is picking up. With rising incomes people are buying more and we are able to get more customers," said Vilkema, a shopkeeper. "Infrastructure is improving in the area. The government is working well but there is a lot more that has to be done," said Lalsangpuii, a resident, Kolasib District. Kolasib has an agriculture-dominated economy. A large number of people here depend on farming and other agricultural practices for their livelihood. They cultivate Beetle nut, oil palms, rice, wheat and fish, which is both consumed and exported to other districts and cities. A new trend of entrepreneurship is growing among the farmers in the district. Asha started here broiler-rearing business a year ago with help from the government.oday she rears 65 broilers and aims to expand her business. "I am happy with the government help that I have received. I now want to sell fried chicken for which I am planning to buy a fryer. I aim to expand my business and earn more," said Enghluni, a beneficiary of government scheme. The government has initiated several schemes like Indira Awaas Yojna, Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, Sarva Shikhsha Abhiyaan and New Land Use Policy Scheme for the benefit of farmers and local people. "Mostly people here are tribals so most of the central government sponsored tribal schemes are active here in some form or other," said Niharika Rai, Deputy Commissioner, Kolasib District. Kolasib is an important location in Mizoram as National Highway No. 54 passes through the district connecting different parts of the state to Assam. It shares boundary with Assam's Cachar District and Hailakandi District on the north and North West respectively. (ANI)