EC’s “Open Challenge”: From First Week of May, Try and Hack EVMs

The BJP and the Congress will keep a keen eye on the performance of Independent candidates on 18 December.

The Election Commission on Wednesday threw an "open challenge" to people to hack its Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), a move which comes after opposition parties urged it to revert to the paper ballot system, raising doubts over the infallibility of the machines.

"From the first week of May, experts, scientists, technocrats can come for a week or 10 days and try to hack the machines," an official source said.

They said the challenge will be open for a week or 10 days and will have various levels.

Earlier in April, the commission had said that it would fix the dates for the challenge soon. The Commission had announced a similar challenge in 2009 and it claimed no one could hack its electronic voting machines (EVMs).

(With inputs from PTI.)

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