Ebola Virus Funny Memes and Jokes Trend on Twitter! Netizens React to Ebola Outbreak in Congo News Commenting 2020 Is Going Bad To Worse In Most Hilarious Manner

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We are dealing with a pandemic. With the start of this New Year and a new decade, things seemed to keep getting worse. The outbreak of the coronavirus has forced people to stay indoors in a hope to contain the spread as there is no vaccination for the virus yet. Now, we entered the sixth month of this year, and the number of cases has increased rapidly across the globe. As we continue to battle the pandemic, World Health Organisation (WHO) have confirmed a second Ebola outbreak in Congo, Central Africa. The moment the news hit online, people took to Twitter to express how this year continues to disappoint them. The netizens are making Ebola virus funny memes and jokes, commenting 2020 is going bad to worse, in the most hilarious manner. Ebola Outbreak: Congo Records Second Death from The Fever Amid Hopes of Health Authorities Declaring an End to The 20-Month Epidemic.

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In Congo, more than 2,000 people have died because of Ebola since an epidemic began there in August 2018. Now the Congolese health authorities have identified reportedly six cases in the north near Mbandaka in Equateur province, including four fatalities. Meanwhile, Congo has also confirmed 611 cases of COVID-19 including 20 deaths, and the number is only rising. Ebola Outbreak in Congo: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Vaccines & Prevention of the Viral Disease.

Netizens cannot deal with this anymore. It seems like, each day there is some horrible news which is demotivating their spirit even more. When things kind of fall apart, it is humour that helps all of us to keep going. And that is what netizens are doing! As Ebola is running as one of the top trends on Twitter, people are making jokes, wondering just what else is yet to happen that will make 2020 worse than ever. 'My Plans vs 2020' Funny Memes Take Over Twitter, Netizens Joke About How Disappointing This Year Is Shaping Up to Be!

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Ebola Virus in Congo?

So, What's New?


What Next?

And That's How They Joined!

How Many of You?


What An Entry!

What Else?

It is!

Ebola Stealing the Thunder?

The Viruses Be Like!

It is hard to believe 2020 is nearing its halfway point. The past six months have included what feels like an eternity of global events. The most and only light-hearted way to take stock everything that we are experiencing in 2020 would be through memes. They have given our daily assault of real-time, some much-needed moments of laughter in this challenging time. We desperately hope that Congo overcomes the Ebola virus soon and so the coronavirus that has created havoc across the globe.