Eats & Beats Founders Jessica Orbach & Tzvia Rush Connect Global Communities Virtually Amidst COVID-19

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Life, as the entire world knew it, radically changed in inconceivable ways during the pandemic. It has been a period in time that has caused immeasurable suffering, but that has also brought the world together in ways we never imagined. It seemed that the best way to cope with the utter lack of control that the human mind craves was to shift and begin to lead with the heart. As familiarity and routine were stripped away, the instinct to connect from a deeper place took hold on a global scale. So much was lost, yet so much was gained during this unprecedented and complex time. Suddenly, complete strangers from across the globe had a shared understanding. The need to deepen this pure connective energy became blindingly clear.

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Two New York mothers, Jessica, aka Lady Blaga and Tzvia, who both have backgrounds in the fashion industry, felt the urge to reach out and serve the medical community at the height of Covid-19. Jessica is Lady Blaga, a DJ who has worked at NYFW as a DJ, influencer, blogger, and cosmetics model. Tzvia has an extensive background in PR and was a Co-Founder of the prestigious flash sale site She heads The Rush Agency and manages clients in social media and marketing. Lady Blaga is also a Zen Buddhist practitioner who takes her vows to serve "all sentient beings" seriously. Essentially, these women were aching to help. In a few short, high pressured weeks, as their children (6 between them) were doing remote school from home, Eats & Beats was created with the sole purpose of giving back to the frontliners soldiering on during this indescribably taxing time. Jessica and Tzvia's wish was to spread cheer to and show gratitude towards the heroic medical community. This grassroots idea birthed a never seen before virtual dance party that united 20 American hospitals nationwide. As these selfless hospital staffers partied together online from various time zones, Eats & Beats was officially launched. The Eats part refers to the thousands of meals these ladies donated to each participating hospital. Custom masks were donated from, with the tagline "spread love not germs." Seeing the frontliners dance, laugh, and connect to each other via zoom was exactly what Jessica and Tzvia had hoped for. The goal of the event was to drive home the notion of unity, shared joy, and finding the unique ways in which we can care for one another.

Serving her community with beats has always been a driving motivation for Lady Blaga, who began taking DJ lessons at the age of 38 following her divorce. Living her dream means sharing music and using its power to bring people together. Eats & Beats spread wider than expected, and it was featured in US Weekly magazine and made various news outlets. Some of the hospitals that boogied down together were from New York, Chicago, New Jersey, California, and Florida. A video clip of the event went viral on social media, and it became clear that the Eats & Beats mission had to continue.

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As the world has changed its approach to so much, it's anticipated that the virtual model of working and connecting will remain, even as things begin to return to the old version of normal. The ability to DJ virtually allows Eats & Beats to offer its services anywhere. They are currently in partnership with nonprofits and companies alike in the United States as well as internationally. One of their favorite partnerships to date is working with an orphanage in the Middle East. Jessica and Tzvia feel strongly that the importance for global human connectivity must be intentionally nurtured, and that we must hold onto that as the world begins to move away from the constraints of lockdown. As life opens up, so must we remain as such.

The passion these ladies have for nonprofit giving back is their way to show gratitude, and to teach their own children the power of an open heart, the unlimited potential we all have to reach one another, and that joy and love are always possible.

Eats & Beats offers its services worldwide, pro bono for nonprofits, as a means of giving back to those who give back.

Eats & Beats is also available for corporate and private events and delivers a uniquely designed experience for each client. One of the great blessings of this difficult time has been that we have learned of our amazing ability to improvise with determination, resilience, and care. May we always find new ways to forge connections, both to ourselves and others.

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