Easy tricks to fix a broken fingernail at home

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Easy tricks to fix a broken fingernail at home
Easy tricks to fix a broken fingernail at home

28 Jun 2021: Easy tricks to fix a broken fingernail at home

A break or crack even in a single fingernail, after months of trying to perfect long nails, is every girl's nightmare. But heading for a nail care session to fix the nail every time you break it is an unrealistic option. To help you, here are some easy hacks that you can try at home the next time you experience the dreaded broken nail!

#1: Tea bag filters seal the broken nail in place

Firstly, trim a tea bag filter to the size of a patch that can cover the broken part of the nail. Now, apply clear polish to your nail. Next, gently place the trimmed tea bag filter over the broken portion of the nail. Once dry, apply more coats of clear polish. Finally, apply a color nail paint to hide the tea bag filter.

#2: Nail glue and nail powder will fill in cracks

If your nail has only a crack, then nail glue and nail powders are the most reliable hacks to fix it. Apply a layer of nail glue on the crack and sprinkle some nail powder on top. Let it dry. Repeat the process until you have three layers on top of the crack. Dry it well and buff the nail using buffing block.

#3: Tape the broken nail using gel strips

Gel strips are a tape-like alternative that helps you attach the broken nail to the finger. Gel nail strips are easy to apply and a quick fix when you don't have the time for nail powders or tea bags. Remove excess oil and polish from the broken nail and mend the crack with nail glue. Stick the gel strip on top just like tape.

#4: If the crack is too deep, trim the nails

Cutting the cracked nail and trimming the surrounding nails to match is an easy fix for a cracked or broken nail. This is because chances are the temporary fixes may not last long and cracks may sneak back in through the repair. Finally, applying cuticle oil is the key to strong nails and it may also help in keeping the nails free from cracks.

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