It’s Easter Sunday & These Bunnies Are Celebrating in a Unique Way

The snaps of the world’s biggest bunnies tying the knot will bring a smile to your face this Easter.

The big fat bunny wedding saw loved-up monster rabbits Darius and Honey dressed up in their finest as they said ‘I do’ with customised carrot rings.

Record-breaking bunny Darius weighs a whopping 2st 5lbs and is a ginormous 4ft 3, while his bride Honey weighs 2st and measures 3ft 11.

Their owner, 65-year-old Annette Edwards – who holds her own record as the oldest Page 3 model – said it was love at first sight for the devoted bunnies, who can't bear to be apart from one another.

(With inputs from AP)

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Video Editor: Sandeep Suman