Earth Day 2021: Take a selfie with your kids on a virtual world tour of climate change

Yahoo UK Staff
·1-min read
Explore climate change with Yahoo on Earth Day.
Explore climate change with Yahoo on Earth Day.

Please click the image above to explore our virtual world tour of climate change

As with any conversation around climate change, the key to long-term change is engaging people at the youngest age possible.

For Earth Day 2021, Yahoo has created a virtual, whistle-stop ‘world tour’ of climate change to help you do just that.

The interactive video shows five landmarks from around the world where climate change is having a significant impact on our environment.

You can explore the video, share it with your friends and family - and even take a selfie with your children.

This year's Earth Day begin’s with a global youth climate featuring Greta Thunberg. The theme is is “Restore Our Earth”, which will talk about natural processes, emerging green technologies, and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems

Other topics will include: Climate and environmental literacy, Climate restoration technologies, Reforestation efforts, Regenerative agriculture, Equity and environmental justice, Citizen science and Cleanups.

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