EAM Jaishankar lists out challenges in vaccine procurement

Washington DC (USA), May 29 (ANI): External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on May 28 in Washington DC listed out challenges that the Government deals with to ensure supply of COVID vaccine. EAM S Jaishankar said, “We've had sustained engagement between govt to govt, HQ to HQ, Embassy to the departments here and Embassy to the suppliers here and my feedback I had in the industry meeting, there was a very clear sense that the supply chain was working more smoothly.” “In the literal way that's something that only the producer can answer. But we in India, myself personally and MoS Pharmaceuticals and many of our senior officials, we fairly do video conferences with industry,” he added. “But this is a very dynamic situation, it keeps changing. You know, there are new demands, a lot of new vaccines are coming out. But definitely, I'd say, if you were to ask me today, May 28th, as opposed to April 30th, is it better or worse? I would say it is very much better,” EAM Jaishankar further said.

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