Durakovic points towards possible rotation to combat hectic schedule

The new 2020 domestic Malaysia football calendar was released and it showed that the competitions will be starting later and finishing earlier compared to what it was in the 2019 season. While that leaves everyone with more time to prepare their respective teams for the start of the competition, there's no doubt that concerns are raised over the tighter schedule.

Speaking to the Malaysian Football League (MFL), Durakovic understands the need for such a schedule and is already looking at the real possibility of offering playing time to a larger portion of his squad than what he is normally known to have preferred to do.

"It is undeniable that the M-League fixtures are tighter in 2020 and that includes matches in the fasting month. But as a professional, myself and my players have to accept the situation that we are given. I know the national team will be preparing for the AFF Championship in November on top of the World Cup qualifiers, so it is understandable that MFL are trying to accommodate everyone.

Mehmet Durakovic, Perak v Selangor, Malaysia Super League, 10 Jul 2019

"Maybe this situation will make every coach including myself to look into more player rotation. If it comes to that, it will not be a big problem for me," said Durakovic.

Comparatively to the 2018 season where Perak finished second in the Super League and lifted the Malaysia Cup, the 2019 season can be considered a disappointment as The Bos Gaurus only finishing in fifth spot in the league to add to their bridesmaid role in the FA Cup.

The departures of Brendan Gan and Nor Hakim Hassan to Selangor will have a big impact on Durakovic's plan for the team as both players were undeniably first choice starters for the Australian, last season. Guilherme de Paula has come in to give the attack some presence but Perak will still have some work to do before they announce their squad on January 11.

Perak will kick off their 2020 campaign with an away trip to Terengganu FC to be the first visiting side to play a Super League match at the newly refurbished Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium on February 29. 


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