Dumbo Jumbo? Baby Elephant Gets Stuck in Fence in Thailand (Watch Cute Video)

Team Latestly

Baby elephants are cute, no doubt. The fully grown wild tuskers can sometimes be scary but watching at baby elephants is a delight. A recent video shows misadventures of a baby elephant named Khunseuk from Thailand zoo. The little mischievous fellow was probably trying to cross a fence when he got his legs stuck in the wooden fence. The baby elephant's struggle to free himself and get across the fence was captured on video and it is adorable. The video will remind you of Dumbo the elephant's little adventures. Baby Elephant Nudging Man to Play With It Will Hit You Right in The Feels (Watch Video).

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The video clip is from Chiang Mai zoo in Thailand. The baby elephant is seen struggling on two front feet, with its hind legs dangling in the air. The older elephant on the inside looks at the baby's struggle. But thankfully, the struggle doesn't last long and he gets through to the other side comfortably. He regains its energy and slips over to the other side. After ‘Failing to Find a Girlfriend to Mate’ Angry Wild Elephant Creates a Ruckus in China (Watch Video).

Watch Video of Baby Elephant Getting Stuck in Wooden Fence in Thailand Zoo:

Isn't it cute to watch the dumbo jumbo? Well, Khunseuk's keeper said he had 'no idea' how the baby elephant found himself in such an odd position. The carer was quoted to Daily Mail, "I don't know how he got into that position. He has a very adventurous personality. I've never seen a young elephant with so much energy." He is indeed cute.

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