DuckTales Is Back and So Is My Will To Live

I don’t remember a single day while growing up when I didn’t watch DuckTales. And now, with the Disney cartoon series making a comeback, it is going to be imperative to my 20-something year old self as well.

So, is anything different in the new DuckTales? At first glance, it seems, nothing major:
Uncle Scrooge seems richer, his three nephews are just as notorious, and the family is still up to adventures. But there are differences that a true connoisseur will spot looking at the first look of the toon.

So here are some of the changes in DuckTales 2.0 that we noticed.

Faces are More Squarish than Round?

(Photo Courtesy: YouTube/DuckTales)

Angrier and Richer Uncle Scrooge!

(Photo Courtesy: YouTube/Ducktales)

Some Avant-Garde Creatures and Dresses

(Photo Courtesy: YouTube/Ducktales)

And, Trouble in Uncle Scrooge’s Paradise!

(Photo Courtesy: YouTube/DuckTales)

Watch the complete trailer here:

We cannot wait for the troubles to begin!