Dubai Man Steals Rare Newborn Camel for Girlfriend, Both Arrested

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Dubai, February 19: A resident of Dubai landed in jail after his attempt to impress girlfriend. According to a UAE-linked newspaper, the man stole a high-valued newborn camel from his neighbours's farm to gift his girlfriend. After allegedly committing the crime, the man got worried that he would be arrested. He informed the police and presented a fake story. However, cops caught him lying and arrested him as well as his girlfriend. 'Ajab Prem ki Gajab Kahaani': Man Thrashed Whole Night by Girlfriend's Family For Secretly Meeting Her, Then Married Off With His Lover Next Morning.

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The man allegedly stole the newborn camel earlier this month by trespassing on his neighbour's farm because he wanted to gift it to his girlfriend. The neighbour then lodged a complaint that a baby camel had gone missing from his farm. Police launched investigation and searched nearby areas but failed to find the missing camel. Mumbai Married Man Eloped With Girlfriend to Indore After Lying to His Family About Testing Positive For COVID-19.

Recently, cops received a call from a man who said a stray camel had wandered onto his farm, which was some 3 kilometres away from where the baby camel had been stolen. They got suspicious and interrogated the caller who ended up admitting that he had stolen the baby camel. He reportedly told police that he had wanted to steal a male adult camel for his girlfriend.

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When he entered his neighbouur's farm, the man said, he did not find an adult camel so he flee with the newborn camel. But after a few days he got worried of being caught and called the police cooking up the story about the stray camel, the newspaper reported. The stolen camel was returned to its owner and cops took the accused and his girlfriend into custody.