Dubai-based Pakistani man dialed 999 over 100 times every day for deportation

Dubai, Mar. 5 (ANI): A 53-year-old Pakistani man living in Dubai has claimed he dialed 999 over 100 times on a daily basis so he would be produced in a court and deported.

The man said he hit on his scheme after being rendered an illegal after 30 years in Dubai and having lost all hope of securing a job.

According to Gulf News, he said he was broke and couldn't afford a ticket to return to his home country after losing his job at Dubai Police, where he had worked as a calligrapher for 16 years.

Prosecutors accused the defendant R.S. of abusing telecommunication services provided by etisalat and disturbing the authorities [Dubai Police] by logging more than 100 calls on the emergency number on multiple occasions, the report said.

According to the charges sheet, R.S. repeatedly dialled 999 without justification at different times on January 20.

The suspect testified that every time he called Dubai Police's Operation Room and someone answered his call, he asked to be deported.

During police questioning, the defendant admitted he never placed a call with the purpose of reporting a crime or emergency.

A verdict is due in the case on March 19. (ANI)