When Dua Lipa wore a saree, offered sweets to Lord Ganesha!

British singer Dua Lipa, for the first time ever, tried out a saree and offered sweet treats to Lord Ganesha in Jaipur as part of her ongoing vacation to India along with her boyfriend. In a Twitter post, Lipa posted a picture of her looking every bit Indian while wearing a blue-coloured embroidered silk sari. In her post, she said that apart from a lady helping her with her sari, she and her boyfriend had a fun time mixing with the locals. "At the Ganesh Temple in Jaipur. A lady outside the temple helped me and taught me how to put on my sari before I entered. We joined in with the locals and offered sweet treats to the Gods and the people inside," she wrote. It's been two weeks that the singer is here in India on a vacation along with her boyfriend Isaac Crew.