Dry vegetables 'Hokh Syun' in demand amid freezing winter in Kashmir

The Kashmir Valley is freezing under cold weather and in such harsh winter, dry vegetables 'Hokh Syun' are on great demand. Using dry vegetables during harsh winter is one of the centuries' old traditions of Kashmir. 'Hokh Syun' is considered a staple diet as supply of vegetables decreases during this time of the year. A shopkeeper said, "Dry vegetables have importance here. The roads are closed here during winters so everyone eats these dry vegetables." According to a popular belief, 'Hokh Syun' has warm impact as compared to fresh vegetables. It is suitable for everyone without any side-effect. A customer said, "During winters, all vegetables could not grow. That's why we buy dry vegetables. Even at this time, the vegetables that come from outside are also discontinued. This is the part of Kashmiri culture."