In Dry State Gujarat Car Carrying Illegal Liquor Meets With Accident: Spilled Beer Cans Looted Buzz Desk
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In Dry State Gujarat Car Carrying Illegal Liquor Meets With Accident: Spilled Beer Cans Looted

The locals looted beer cans that had spilled from the car in the dry state Gujarat.

Officials in the dry state of Gujarat were in for an adventure when a car carrying illegal liquor met with an accident on the Vadodara-Ahmedabad Expressway. The car was filled with cases of beer cans which rolled on the road and what followed was the most shocking scene. The locals looted the beer cans that had spilt from the car in the dry state Gujarat. Pictures of the scene are viral online and show w white coloured car that met with an accident and the spilt carrot of beer. The images show people reaching inside the car as well as picking up the cans that were rolling down. In dry state Gujarat, heavily drunk son of deputy CM Nitin Patel stopped from boarding Qatar flight.

While unattended alcohol bottles are often ignored by many, the tale of Gujarat is quite different. Gujarat has been a dry state for the longest of time. The state prohibits the manufacture, storage, sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages and the illegal alcohol in the car was utilised by the locals. ANI shared ground pictures from where the plunder occurred and captioned the pictures, “Car illegally carrying liquor met with an accident near Dumad in #Vadodara; villagers pounced on the car to loot the cans.” Picnic Gone Wrong: Drunk Men Slip And Fall Into Kawale Saad Point at Maharashtra’s Amboli Ghat (Video).

Twitter is full of hilarious jokes on the entire incident as well as sympathetic tweets on how it may not qualify as looting. “it is like looting bisleri in the middle of the desert, not a big crime,” one Twitter user commented on the picture. However, there is no information regarding what exactly happened to the driver or occupants of the car that had the illegal booze. The pictures shared do not show any number plate and it is speculated that the registration plate might have fallen off during the accident.

See Pictures of people looting beer cans

Gujarat has special laws governing the consumption of alcohol and NRIs as well as tourists visiting the state are legally allowed to access special permits to consume liquor in the dry state. Gujarat is the only Indian state with a death penalty for the manufacture and sale of homemade liquor that results in fatalities. Strangely this is not the first case of such loot in the state. People have been trying to gain access to liquor in similar accidents in various parts of Gujarat.