Dry cold weather affects agriculture and horticulture in Kullu region

Kullu (Himachal Pradesh), Nov.27 (ANI): Intense dry cold conditions and lack of rainfall in Himachal Pradesh has taken a toll on the Rabi Crop as well as on apples and other fruits.

Dharambir Dhami, an agriculture expert, said: "The weather is cold and dry. It's so dry that children are falling sick and same is the case with old people. It's really difficult. Also, the farmers are suffering. Agriculture and horticulture have taken a severe hit. Apple production has also been adversely affected and farmers incurred heavy loss. Agriculture is in a bad shape, the last season was bad and even this year there is little hope, as farmers have not been able to cultivate wheat as yet."

Dhami also said that apple production would particularly be affected in the low-lying regions of the state.

The dry weather has also affected the production of other crops such as wheat as the growth of the crop is dependent on a good amount of rainfall

Although not cold by the standards of Europe and North America, the drop in temperature can have a devastating effect on the hundreds of thousands of homeless people in India. (ANI)