Drunk Woman Creates Chaos in Ukrainian Airline With Her Racist Rants, Hits Passengers, Video Goes Viral

Team Latestly

A drunk woman created ruckus on a Ukranian flight and even hit her co-passengers saying she did not want to sit next to 'foreigners'. She went on a racist rant after drinking a bottle of whiskey bought at duty-free in Barcelona, before departing for Kiev. Video of the incident which has gone viral on social media shows the woman beating people sitting next to her in the plane. She also lashed out at the cabin crew including former TV presenter Lidiya Polyanskaya. At a point, the woman stood on her seat to kick people while hurling abuse. WATCH VIRAL VIDEO: Drunk Passenger Kicked Out of Flight for Spitting on Child, Because She Didn’t Want to Sit Next to a ‘F*****g 3-Year-Old’.

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She also attacked a Chinese man who had to change seats. At least three flight crew members tried to intervene and calm her, but she went on with her racist rant. The video shows passengers including children looking at the woman as fought with co-passengers. The passenger who posted the clip on social media wrote, "If you provoke a dangerous situation, attack passengers, injure people around you, make them anxious — please do not think that your actions will remain unknown." Woman Flashes Her Butt While Twerking Onboard a Spirit Airlines After Creating a Ruckus on Being Asked to Turn Off Her Phone (Watch Viral Video)

Watch the video below:

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According to reports, the woman was detained by police after the plane landed in Ukranian capital Kiev. The woman has not been identified yet and it is unclear what charges she had to face. According to social media users, she had ignored requests of her co-passengers to not drink whisky on board. Following the incident, the cabin crew, including Miss Polyanskaya were praised for handling the situation.