Drunk UP Man’s Nagin Dance on Holi Leaves Internet Swaying, Watch Viral Video

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Holi is a festival of not just colours, but it also is incomplete without 'Holi Masti'. However, a man from Pratapgarh in Uttar Pradesh took it too far. While Holi this year was comparatively a low-key affair because of the COVID-19 protocols in place, this man from Pratapgarh was in no mood to compromise his festive delights. In an inebriated state, he climbed up a 50-foot-tall water tank to dance atopas he played songs on his mobile phone.

In a video shared by India today, the man could be seen dancing on top of a water tank while his body is painted with Holi colours. The effect of alcohol was clearly visible on him and it's still a mystery how he managed to climb up the tank when he couldn't even stand properly.

The crowd around him soon noticed this and the police were called in to get him down safely from the tank. After the law officials arrived, he was brought down, and necessary actions were taken against him. Thankfully due to the swift movement of the authorities, there was no injury or accident. However, his act created a problem for the authorities.

A video of the incident was shared by people present at the spot and it has been attracting a lot of eyeballs across social media platforms. While the video may appear to be funny now it surely wasn't the same case for people who were present at the spot.

This video is not the only one that has left the netizens amazed asa series of funny and bizarre Holi celebration videos from various part of the country have flooded social media platforms. In another video that was shared on social media, two men were seen performing 'nagin dance' as they jump on each other. While the video was from previous years' Holi celebration, it will surely bring a smile to your face.