DRS controversy: Virat Kohli takes a dig at Steve Smith's 'brain fade' excuse for looking at dressing room

Ashim Sunam
Virat Kohli, India vs Australia second Test, DRS, Nigel Llong, Steve Smith

The second Test between India and Australia in Bengaluru had it all - quality bowling and batting, along with all the twists and turns, making it one of the best Test matches in cricket history. Though India won the match by 75 runs, it could have gone either way. The second Test made headlines for various reasons, and one of them being how Steve Smith looked towards the dressing room for DRS help when he was given leg before wicket. 

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That act of Smith was against the spirit of the game as the players in the middle have to take their decision on their own, and decide if they should go for DRS or not. External help is not allowed. The Australian captain later admitted that it was a brain fade, and it should not have happened.

"It is probably the first time it has happened. It was probably a brain fade. But it shouldn't have happened," Smith said.

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During the time when Smith was given out, one realised that it was Kohli, who got furious with Smith, having looked at the dressing room for help. Umpire Nigel Llong also realised that and Smith was given the marching orders.

And Kohli, in his post match interview, came in the open and stated that Smith's case was not the only instance it has happened in the Test, and had hence already informed the match referees and umpires for the same as well. The India captain was in no mood to accept Smith's 'brain fade' excuse, and stated one should never cross the line.

"I saw it happen twice, their players going (looking) upstairs (dressing room). That is why the umpire knew what was happening. We brought it to their attention, and told the match referee. They knew what was going on," Kohli said.

"There are loopholes in every technology. People are bound to make mistakes. We take our own decisions. We don't look for confirmation upstairs. This is a line you don't cross. I will never do that," he added.

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