Heartbroken mum's shocking image of girl, 10, who attempted suicide after bullying

Will Metcalfe
Lilly-Jo Caldcott spent her 10th birthday in hospital after attempting to take her own life after being bullied at school (SWNS).

Pushed to the brink by bullies Lilly-Jo Caldcott spent her 10th birthday in a hospital bed after attempting suicide.

Lilly-Jo Caldcott overdosed on pills she found at her home after allegedly suffering weight jibes and a physical attack at Witton Middle School, in Worcestershire.

Heartbroken mum, Jess Brown, shared the devastating image on Facebook in a bid to highlight to other parents the dangers of bullying.

She said: “I knew Lilly wasn’t right on Monday because she wasn’t eating and seemed really withdrawn after school.

“I sat her down and she admitted she’d taken some pills. I took her to the GP and he said we should go straight to hospital.

“I thought my daughter was going to die.”

Jess Brown, 27, whose 10-year-old daughter Lilly-Jo Caldcott attempted suicide after being bullied at school (SWNS).

Jess, 27, from Droitwich, Worcs, raised the alarm after noticing missing pills and when Lilly-Jo admitted taking the medicine she was taken to the GP before being admitted to hospital on Monday – the day before her 10th birthday.

She added: “My daughter is fighting for her life because of bullying.

“The doctor said if we had left her two more weeks, she would be dead. I’m not going to bury my child.

“You never expect see your own daughter on her 10th birthday in hospital after a suicide attempt. It’s heartbreaking.”

Lilly-Jo Caldcott in her hospital bed on her 10th birthday after she attempted suicide (SWNS).

Single mum Jess, who has two other children, said she confronted the parents of girl who has bullied Lilly-Jo but they laughed at her.

She added: “I have to fight with Lilly-Jo to get her to school now. She’s terrified to go back there.

“I wanted to show them [the parents of the bully] the impact of their daughter’s words but they just laughed at me and swore at me.

“I’ve told the school about Lilly being bullied but they haven’t done anything to help either.

“I feel Lilly has been let down by the school who have not taken bullying seriously.”

Lilly-Jo Caldcott,10, in her Witton Middle School uniform (SWNS).

Jess also posted an earlier video of Lilly pouring her heart out about being bullied at school and her attempts to tell her teachers at Witton Middle School, in Droitwich.

In the eight-minute video, Lilly-Jo says: “There is this kid at school who is bullying me since I have been at Witton.

“It has been getting worse and worser she pulled my hair in PE and stamped on my foot, I was crying and she went off laughing.”

Lilly-Jo is now in a stable condition in Worcestershire Royal Hospital and is being given counselling by mental health experts.

Witton Middle School, where Lilly-Jo Caldcott, has suffered from bullying (SWNS).

Cath Crossley, headteacher at the school said staff have investigated the claims.

She said: “Face-to-face meetings were organised with myself, the deputy headteacher and our chair of Governors with the families involved and the families have also been working with our support worker.

“This school takes all allegations of bullying extremely seriously, this includes racist, homophobic, gender-based or bullying related to disabilities.

“Our school maintains a strict anti-bullying policy, which can be accessed on our school website.

“Our thoughts go out to Lilly-Jo and her family at this difficult time.”