Driven by financial crunch, LSR college student dies by suicide in Telangana

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Family members of the deceased talking to ANI on Monday. Photo/ANI
Family members of the deceased talking to ANI on Monday. Photo/ANI

Shadnagar (Telangana) [India], November 9 (ANI): A college student died allegedly by suicide at her residence in Telangana's Shadnagar, owing to the family's poor financial condition, her parents said on Monday.

As per the father, the deceased, Aishwarya Reddy, was studying at Delhi's prestigious Lady Shri Ram (LSR) College, and was worried about her family not being able to support her education due to which she had taken the extreme step on November 2, last Monday.

"I am blessed with two daughters, my elder daughter Aishwarya Reddy, aged 19 years, was an IAS aspirant and was taking IAS coaching in Delhi at LSR, due to poor financial conditions she was upset. She required a big amount to go to Delhi as I did not have that much amount I informed her that I will get the amount through a loan due to which she was distraught. On November 2 at around 8:30 pm she went to her room for reading and committed suicide by hanging herself with a saree," Srinivas Reddy, the father, told ANI here.

Srinivas' wife, and late Aishwarya's mother, Sumathi further explained the incident by saying, "My daughter committed suicide on November 2, at our residence. We were all present at the front room of the house, she went inside, without our knowledge she hung herself. She was going through mental stress due to financial conditions, she had to go to Delhi for her studies, all her friends started going already."

"We were trying to take a loan, but as we could not arrange money she went into depression. The situation from which my bright daughter was going through must not happen to any other girl or daughter," she added.

Meanwhile, Sridhar Kumar, Inspector of Police, Shadnagar Police Station told ANI, "On November 3, 2020, we received a petition from Srinivas Reddy, father of the deceased (Aishwarya). The deceased wrote a letter, in which she mentioned that nobody should be held responsible for her death. She also stated that she was taking this step because of the expenses and hassles she was making her parents face. She did not want to be a burden to her parents and she could not live without reading."

"As per the letter she had been thinking of taking this extreme step since the past many days. She desired to get 'Inspire' scholarship at least for one year. In the letter she has also asked for forgiveness for taking the step, and that she could not be a good daughter. This was written in ten sentences on a notebook before she died by suicide," he added.

The police official further informed that a case has been registered under the relevant sections of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Further details are awaited. (ANI)