DRDO celebrates National Technology Day.

New Delhi, May 13 (ANI): The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) on Tuesday celebrated the National Technology Day.

Addressing DRDO fraternity on the occasion of National Technology day celebration of DRDO, Avinash Chander, SA to RM, Secretary Department of Defence R and D and DG DRDO, said: "The trials that happened in May 1998 changed the face of India in the eyes of the world in terms of technology capability"While India gained a new respect because of that event, the scientists and engineers, who always endeavor to convert knowledge of science into useful products and technologies for the people, got recognition. Remembering that memorable event on 11 May each year as the National Technology Day instills a sense of proud and self-confidence.

"In terms of capabilities we have never been less than anyone else in the world. What we need is confidence in our own capabilities. Indeed the events on 11th May 1998 gave a major boost to our self-confidence, a feeling of "can do it", a confidence that began reflecting in technological achievements one after the other" stated Chander.

He emphasized that it is the persistent desire for change, a constant struggle for improvement and betterment, achieving something more competent and capable as compare to rest of the world and a determination to work on that is reflected in these achievements.

Highlighting some key achievements, he said, "We crossed the intercontinental barriers with Agni 5 becoming one of the 4 nations in the world possessing a multi-level strategic deterrence capability. Series of perfect launches of Bo5, the underwater launched strategic missile demonstrated our capability towards achieving the triad. The indigenous Light Combat Aircraft Tejas achieved Initial Operational Clearance. LCA Navy began to fly. Arjun Main Battle Tank got inducted into services whereas the highly improved Mk-II version was developed and is undergoing trials".

Trial of PDV exo atmospheric interceptor preceded by series of successful launches of endo-atmospheric interceptor, development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Rustom I and Rustom II, Pinaka Mk-II, Varunastra heavy weight torpedo and achievement of criticality of the nuclear reactor of INS Arihant were among the other major achievements mentioned by Chander.

He also gave a glimpse of technology challenges associated with development of systems for future warfare such as morphing aircrafts, non-contact weapons and unmanned systems.

Recollecting the struggles and challenges posed by more and more technology denials as the impact of India achieving nuclear capabilities he mentioned how ongoing interactions by western countries were withheld, forcing us to indigenously develop them. "Today, we are able to create world class technologies, world class capabilities" said Avinash Chander.

Earlier AK Maini, Director, LASTEC and Convenor DSF welcomed the audience. Four DRDO scientists gave a detailed presentation of select DRDO technologies. SA to RM also gave mementoes to fourteen Technology Day orators. He also released the technology spectrum on this occasion. Dr. G Malakondaiah, DS and CCR and D(HR), Dr Satish Kumar, DS and CCR and D (Technology Mgmt), Dr N Prabhakar, DS and CCR and D (SAM), Dr Sudershan Kumar, DS and CCR and D(PC and SI), Directors for DRDO labs and hqrs, senior DRDO scientists and other DRDO personnel were present during the function organized to celebrate the National Technology Day. (ANI)