After Drawing Flak for Tweeting about Marijuana, Uday Chopra's Latest Obsession is With Beef
Uday Chopra's Twitter account is no stranger to controversy.

Anyone active on Twitter would be familiar with actor Uday Chopra's Twitter account - a collection of bizarre, sometimes witty and sometimes even what is considered as offensive tweets that the actor makes on and off.

Just last month, Chopra had been rebuked by Mumbai Police for posting a tweet on legalisation of marijuana. But from his tweet, it appears that the actor is undeterred and is ever ready to poke controversy.

In his recent tweet, Chopra proclaimed that countries that eat beef are 'doing better' than countries that India, a country that doesn't allow the consumption of beef.

Has anyone else wondered that if beef was really wrong to eat, why are the beef eating nations doing better than us.

— Uday Chopra (@udaychopra) October 12, 2018

However, the tweet did not go down well with netizens in India, many of whom said that there is no scientific basis for his claims of 'beef-eating nations' as he segregates them, being more developed. Some accused him of misleading his followers and some just called him out for the baseless statement.

Many people lure us through such Tweets for unwarranted engagement on issues not concerning our priorities at this time. We should not fall in to this trap. 🙏

— RomeshNadir (@RomeshNadir) October 13, 2018

— Arvind Lodha (@AB_BJP) October 13, 2018

If eating beef would lead to success, shouldn’t you be successful by now?

— Vimal Chhadva (@pineapplehopes) October 12, 2018

Beef eating is not wrong and not right beef eating is beef eating

— #BadhaaiHo (@Srkian27) October 12, 2018

So, for a nation to do well it should be a beef eating nation. Never heard anything more absurd than this.

— ANKIT VERMA (@MyView_Point_) October 13, 2018

However, not one to keep quiet, Chopra responded to the criticism, saying that beef eating indeed was not a point worth fcussing on as it a matter of personal choice, and yet we keep talking about it:

That’s my point. Why are we focusing on something that is not important

— Uday Chopra (@udaychopra) October 12, 2018

But the reply only confused people more about what it was exactly that Chopra was trying to say.

We need a lot better educational system in place to do better like developed nations. Beef up knowledge rather than consumption.

— Narasimha (@narasimhanpb) October 14, 2018