Dr Navana Kundu’s Speech at the Indian Chamber of Commerce, USA Is a Beautiful Life Lesson for 2021

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Emotions always have had a lasting impact on a person. Not many believe in the emotional patterns and how it affects a person’s behaviour, but the fact is how a person reacts highly depends on the emotions. Transforming negative mindset to a positive mindset, Dr Navana Kundu is making her best contribution as an emotional mastery expert. Dr Navana believes that emotions in a human evoke the way they react to the things.

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She recently gave a speech and shared her knowledge at the Indian Chamber of Commerce, USA. At the webinar, many prominent personalities talked about some important and untouched topics of life. Dr Navana’s speech at the event was indeed a curtain-raiser for the international launch of her book ‘Emotional Mastery - Toolkit for Success.’ Earlier on various occasions, she has explained how emotions are directly related to every area of life. “Be it health, relationships, business or finance, emotions play a crucial role and your success truly depends on how emotionally fit you are”, said the international author.

At the event, she had a million-dollar advice for all the listeners out there. Dr Kundu said, “Instead of a resolution, have a positive intention for this New Year that you can commit to; an intention that is true to who you are and that is aligned to your heart.” In other words, the author addressed her viewers by emphasizing on having an intention that resonates the heart of a person’s true self and who they are. “A resolution is momentary and people usually break it within 15 days but a positive intention you commit to will help you succeed in life”, Dr Navana added.

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Moreover, while talking about emotional stability, she gave a prime example that when a person is happy, the work happens seamlessly but if the emotion of anger or sadness comes in between the outcome of the work might not be good enough. The emotional mastery expert has been spreading positivity by her work and has lived in countries like Dubai, Hong Kong, Spain, Italy and India.

With having witnessed all the highs and lows of life including joy, sorrow, tragedy, death and failed relationships, Dr Kundu’s speeches have been a reflection of her life experiences. Throughout her life, she has learnt and understood only one thing - balancing emotions to live a happy life. The event took place on December 29 and its main mission was to give the authors and artists a platform to engage with the audiences globally.

At the event, many influential personalities from different walks of life spoke about varied topics of life. Dr Daniel Sipple, D.O., Board Member, Society for Brain Mapping & Therapeutics, author Dr Mark Munoz, PhD, Fmr. Fellow Harvard University, Prof. Prabhu Guptara, Advisor to Boards London School of Business, the UK among others graced the event and shared their knowledge.

Additionally, Seann Nelipinath, the chairman of India Chamber of Commerce, USA, Imperia Group USA and advisory board member of Austin University and author Dr Pankaj Joshi, PhD, VC, Charusat University, India, Fellow of UNESCO The World Academy of Sciences were also in the attendance at the event. Dr Navana feels that such events are an eye-opener for people and her speech at the event was indeed appreciated by everyone.