Dr Mahinder Watsa, Mumbai's Famous Sexpert, Dies at 96

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Mumbai, December 28: Dr Mahinder Watsa, Mumbai's most famous sexpert, died on Monday. Watsa was 96-year-old. Watsa was an Indian sexologist who was well known for his sex columns in newspapers and magazines. His contributions to promote sex education in India earned him accolades and awards. He was a columnist with Mumbai Mirror, where he wrote the column Ask the Sexpert. In 2005, aged 80, Watsa began writing this column. With his witty replies, Watsa educated, as well as entertained his readers. He was very popular for offering advice on queries related to sexual health Difference Between Flirting and Cheating: 5 Signs That You Have Crossed the Line.

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According to a report by Mumbai Mirror, an official statement by Watsa's kids read, "Dad was a man of many dimensions. He lived a glorious life and on his terms. Today, we would like to celebrate his life as he has passed on to join his beloved Promila."

Watsa, the city's popular sexpert, began his career as a columnist in the 1960s. Reports inform that he was asked to start writing a medical advice column for a women's magazine. He continued authoring health columns for several women's magazines into the 1970s until he encountered resistance from an editor who insisted upon censoring queries about sexual health.

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