Dr Liam Fox tells Boris Johnson to ‘drop the political correctness’ for Covid vaccine volunteers

Sophia Sleigh
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 (House of Commons)
(House of Commons)

A Tory MP and doctor called on Boris Johnson to “drop the political correctness” after he was asked to fill in forms about diversity in order to administer Covid jabs.

Dr Liam Fox, a former GP, said he had volunteered to administer the coronavirus vaccine, but was asked to complete paperwork on subjects including “conflict resolution, equality, diversity and human rights, moving and handling loads”.

Retired doctors and nurses have complained about a 21-point checklist they had to complete in order to qualify as a coronavirus vaccinator.

Dr Fox told the Commons: “As a qualified non-practising doctor I volunteered to help with the scheme and would urge others to do the same but can I ask the Prime Minister why I’ve been required to complete courses on conflict resolution, equality, diversity and human rights, moving and handling loads and preventing radicalisation in order to give a simple covid jab.

“Can I urge him to get the NHS and the Department for Health to drop the bureaucracy, drop the political correctness and do all they can to actually get the vaccine programme moving.”

The Prime Minister responded: “I’m assured by the Health Secretary that all such obstacles, all such pointless pettifoggery has been removed and there should be absolutely nothing to stop him volunteering to be a vaccinator.”

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