This ‘Dr Dolittle’ Stayed Home to Raise Wild Animals in Sanctuary

Video Editor: Ashutosh Bhardwaj

A woman who was raised around Africa's deadliest predators has proven why she's a real life Dr Dolittle. Kristen Kerr, 21, has spent her entire life caring for wild animals after being born on an animal sanctuary.

She opted to be home schooled from 10 years old as she missed the animals too much and her passion has only grown since childhood. Now working full time at a sanctuary, Kirsten currently helps care for dozens of animals since opening in 2016.

From cheetahs and hyenas to giraffes, meerkats and zebras, no animal is considered too dangerous or small for the sanctuary.

Kristen said:

""My dad Barry, 54, raises lions and other big cats. He has taught me everything I know. We rescued three of our current cheetahs from a breeding farm, where the owner got into financial problems and lost his farm, one of which was pregnant, so I raised the cubs from birth."" -

Kristen also cares for three mongoose and two Serval cats at the sanctuary and says The Lion King has given hyenas a bad name as they are 'remarkable animals'.

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