Dr Dangs Lab Drive-Through Coronavirus Testing in Delhi: Here's How to Get Tested For COVID-19 While Sitting Inside Your Car (Watch Video)

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Delhi, April 8: A private laboratory under the name of Dr Dang's Lab is one of the first labs in India to be allowed to test the novel coronavirus. The facility at Delhi will ensure that patients don't have to go to the hospital for testing, but rather can be tested in their car itself. The Drive-through coronavirus testing facility is situated in the Punjabi Bagh area. Catch all the live news updates related to coronavirus pandemic in India and other parts of the world.

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"This initiative is India's first-ever drive-through sample collection service for COVID-19. The sample collection officer would be wearing all the required personal protective equipment to maintain the highest levels of infection control and the swabs will be obtained through the car window with the patient sitting in the car," Dr Arjun Dang, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Dr Dangs Lab told ANIIndia’s First Drive-Through COVID-19 Testing Centre to Be Launched by Dr Dangs Lab in Delhi.

Here's How to Get Tested Inside Your Car:

  • Firstly, book an appointment online at Dr Dang's website.
  • On arrival at the facility, keep windows up, show your government ID and your medical prescription for COVID-19.
  • The lab technician, who is a medical worker wearing a maximum amount of safety equipment, asks to tilt your head back and takes a swab from the throat.
  • The sample is put into a sterile container and sent to a lab

Watch Video, How Drive-Through Coronavirus Testing Works:

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Testing is offered at a government-mandated price of Rs 4500. The patient will be given a 20-minute slot for drive-through COVID-19 test. Once the test is done, the patient will get a confirmation call and a PDF with all the instructions.