'DPS School Belt': India Mother Had the Most Desi Reaction to Gucci Item Worth Rs 35,000

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As much as we love to own luxury brands, convincing your desi parents about the exceptionally high cost is a much difficult task on its own. Brands like Gucci, Dior, Prada or Louis Vuitton are among the top luxury fashion brands with notably high prices and are mostly used by celebrities and the elite. Many times, these lavish products make headlines for charging ridiculously high prices for basic products but this time a desi mom’s reaction to a Gucci belt is winning the internet.

A hilarious conversation video has surfaced on social media showing a Bihari mother’s priceless reaction after finding out the cost of her daughter’s Gucci belt. Instagram user Chabi Gupta bought the lavish accessory for Rs 35,000 and her mother was shocked to find out that it cost so much and dismissed the luxury item by calling it a DPS (Delhi Public School) school belt. The amusing reaction is doing rounds online and the story is found relatable to many Indian households.

Chabi shared the footage on the Instagram page. In the one-minute-long video recorded by Chabi, her mother Anita sees the belt lying in its cover box and picks it up to begin inspecting it. The Gucci belt had its trademark green and red colours with the brand’s logo attached right in the middle of it. She asked Chabi if she bought it to which Chabi replied positively and her mother compared it to DPS’s belt because of similar colour scheme. One can hear Chabi giggling from behind the camera as her mother scolds her for wasting money and adds that one could buy a similar belt for just 150 rupees.

Shared on June 13, it has left the internet in splits as hundreds of people showered their reactions in the comments section. It has gained more than 1 million views with netizens sharing how the video is relatable to them. Multiple users claimed that their mom would have reacted in the same way while another said that no one can beat Indian moms in roasting.

What would have been your mother’s reaction to such an expensive belt?

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