Dozens protest in Madrid against animal testing

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Madrid [Spain], April 25 (ANI/Sputnik): Some 200 people took to the streets in the Spanish capital on Saturday to march against lab tests on animals on World Day for Laboratory Animals, a Sputnik correspondent reported.

Protesters gathered at Jacinto Benavente Square, carrying placards with slogans like "Stop Vivisection." Other placards showed the numbers of animals that are used for laboratory research in Spain annually, including 25,931 rabbits, 1,476, dogs, 1,700 cattle, and 3,218 amphibians.

The protest was organised by the Free Fox association and joined by other groups.

The event took place amid an animal treatment scandal that rocked Spain's capital and even got prosecutors involved. A video documenting cruel treatment of animals at the laboratory Vivotecnia in the municipality of Tres Cantos was posted on YouTube, prompting the authorities to suspend the laboratory's activities.

Instituted in 1979 by the National Anti-Vivisection Society, World Day for Laboratory Animals has people marching all over the globe to protests cruel treatment of animals that are used in scientific research. According to the animal rights organization AnimaNaturalis, more than 100 million animals are used in experiments every year, almost all of them die in the process. (ANI/Sputnik)