Double Whammy for Meerut Parents as Twin Brothers Die of Covid-19 Hours Apart After 24th Birthday

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In a tragic incident, parents lost their twin sons on the same day to the deadly Covid-19 virus.

Joefred Varghese Gregory and Ralfred George Gregory working as engineers in Hyderabad were struck by the infection on April 24. Having fought a lengthy battle against the disease, the twins breathed their last week and died at the interval of a few hours.

The father still coping with the trauma spoke to TOI saying that he was almost certain that both his sons would make it alive or die together. “Whatever happened to one, it happened to the other,” he said claiming that when he heard the news of one of his sons dying, he told his wife that the other one would follow suit soon and will not make it alive.

The father of three recounted the future plans of his deceased sons before the tragedy struck them. He said that his twins were planning to leave for Korea and then Germany for work. They wanted to pay back in money and in-kind to their parents who had worked very hard to bring them up and aspired to give them a better life, the father added.

A resident of Meerut’s cantonment area, the family had resorted to the home quarantine of their two sons until their oxygen levels dropped to 90. On May 1, the twins were admitted to a private hospital for observation.

Notably, while the first Covid test reports for the twins came positive, the second RT-PCR test done a few days later showed that they were Covid negative.

This prompted the private hospital authorities to shift the twins from the Covid ward to the normal ICU. Upon the father’s insistence, the twins were allowed to remain in the Covid ward and were put under observation for the next two days.

However, after two days, the hospital authorities informed that Joefred had succumbed to his injuries. Ralfred who had been recovering inquired about his twin’s health in his last call to his mother but despite the mother’s excuses, he instinctively knew that she was lying.

On May 14, Ralfred expired a few hours after the death of Joefred on May 13.

The second wave has been successful in tearing many families apart, in another incident from UP, Two girls, aged six and eight, were orphaned after their parents and grandparents succumbed to Covid-19 in a span of 12 days.

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