Double whammy for Kerala farmers as heavy rains destroy banana plantations amid lockdown woes

Wayanad (Kerala) [India], May 6 (ANI): Heavy rains accompanied by strong winds that have continued for two days in the region have resulted in extensive damage of banana crop plantations in Wayanad district.

The banana farmers were already reeling under the nationwide coronavirus lockdown when they received another blow with more than 40,000 banana crops getting destroyed in the heavy rains.

"Farmers are in dire straits with the loss of lakhs of rupees. In the last two weeks, the crop has been destroyed due to the continuous rain. Most of the damage has occurred in various parts of Mananthavady taluk and western areas," said Shibin, a farmer. As many as 800 banana plants in Shibin's plantation were destroyed due to the heavy wind and rain.

A Krishi Bhavan official said that the plantations got destroyed just when it was being planned to buy produce directly from the farmers in order to support them during lockdown.

"About 40,000 banana plants have been destroyed this week in the region. Lockdown has also brought down the cost of banana which is adding to the woes of the farmers. The plantations got destroyed at a time when we were planning to buy produce directly from the farmers in order to support them," said the official.

Many farmers also complained that they are yet to get compensation for the crop destroyed in the floods last year. (ANI)