Dota 2 new hero Snapfire is a granny who gives cookies on a fire-breathing lizard

tech2 News Staff

There's a new Dota 2 hero in town and she will give you cookies. No, really. Snapfire is the latest hero to be introduced into the massively popular MOBA. She was announced during Dota 2's largest tournament of the year, The International, that's going on in Shanghai this year with a prize pool of over 30 million dollars.

Snapfire is a granny who bakes cookies and has her own fire-breathing lizard. Valve released a trailer to announce the character that showed off some of her abilities. The first is obviously, her cookie-baking ability. In the trailer, all the cookies had a hero's face and these cookies could be used to boost some abilities of her teammates. Second is her shotgun and machine gun which means she can do some damage. Finally, her fire-breathing lizard. Although rather than fire, it looked more like magma coming out of the lizard's mouth, as observed by Polygon as well.

Our granny will be making her way to Dota 2 this fall. Valve didn't mention any specific update or date of when she arrives. The International tournament is currently underway and the finale will be held tomorrow on 25 August. You can watch all the matches live on Dota 2's official Twitch channel or on the Steam TV website.

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