'Dost Hai': Bihar Man Takes His Mask Off, Puts it on His Friend During Live Interview

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As exciting as the recently concluded Bihar elections were, there was something even more entertaining and hilarious about the local interviews in the state. An interview of a man from the Raxaul region of Bihar has left netizens cracked up.

The video shot by online news portal Lallantop shows a man answering to the reporter's questions without a mask. The reporter asks the man to wear a mask since he is chewing pan masala and his spit is coming onto him. The man replies saying he does not have a mask and the journalist urges him to wear one as he says the coronavirus is quite infectious.

Just at that time, comes another man from the crowd and puts a mask on the interviewee's face. The reporter then asks the man from the crowd whether he took off his own mask to put it on the interviewee. At this point, other people laugh at the man's ignorance.

The reporter asks the man why he put his mask on the interviewee’s face, to which he replies, “Koi baat nahi. Ye dost hai humara (It does not matter. He is my friend).” The interviewee is also seen pretty much alright with the fact that his "friend" took off his own mask and put it on his face.

Jokes apart, this could become quite a fatal friendship for both of them. Healthcare workers have strictly prohibited sharing of masks as it is considered unhygienic and can further spread the virus and other harmful bacteria.

Netizens have commended the fatal friendship as the video goes viral on YouTube and other social media platforms. One user commented, "This is known as true friendship, We love you brother,” while another user said that the video is a true representation of Bihar as he commented, "Welcome to Bihar."

Some people hailed him as "one of the greatest Bihari I have ever seen in my life, mask lagaya to pan masala kaise khayega (how will he eat pan masala if he wears mask).”

Bihar has reported over 2.24 lakh cases of the coronavirus and 1,162 deaths till now.